Winners of the 17th "Cinema Verite" International Documentary Film Festival

  • 25th of December 2023

The journey of the 17th International Documentary Film Festival of Iran, known as "Cinema Verite," has reached its final destination.


In-Depth Conversation with Acclaimed Documentary Filmmaker James Longley at Cinema Verite

  • 23rd of December 2023

In an exclusive interview with the public relations of Documentary & Experimental Film Center (DEFC), James Longley, the American Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker and photographer, shared insights into his extensive career and current project in Afghanistan. Longley, known for his impactful documentaries set in conflict zones, discussed the evolving landscape of documentary filmmaking and its crucial role in shaping public perceptions.


Arlene Clemesha Advocates for Palestinian Voices at Cinema Verite Festival in Tehran

  • 22nd of December 2023

Arlene Clemesha, a distinguished professor of art history at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, is making waves at the 17th International Documentary Film Festival of Iran, "Cinema Verite," as she passionately emphasizes the importance of Palestinian narratives in the realm of documentary filmmaking.


Award-Winning Filmmaker Hanna Polak Illuminates the Power of Documentary Ethics at Cinema Verite

  • 20th of December 2023

Polish filmmaker Hanna Polak, a luminary in the documentary world, graced the 17th International Documentary Film Festival of Iran, "Cinema Verite," where she discussed her journey and the profound impact of documentaries. In an exclusive interview, Polak explored her evolution from acting to directing, the influence of Russian cinematic greats, and the crucial role of documentaries in addressing global conflicts.


Ayed Nabaa's Exclusive Interview at Cinema Verite Illuminates Palestinian Cause

  • 19th of December 2023

The 17th Iran International Documentary Film Festival, also known as Cinema Verite, continues to serve as a platform for profound discussions on global issues, with notable filmmakers sharing their experiences and perspectives. Palestinian director Ayed Nabaa, renowned for his extensive work on Palestinian narratives, discussed the vital role of documentaries in conveying the truth about Gaza. On the first day of the festival, Nabaa participated in a panel dedicated to the critical issues surrounding Gaza.