Screenplay: Karim Saleem Shallwanee

Cinematography: Danish Saleem Shallwani, Rehman Ali

Editor: Yusuf Ramzan

Ahsan Suleman, Shahrukh Sharif

Producer: Karim Saleem Shallwanee, Danish Saleem Shallwani

Production Company: Funkari Filmain




Last May record temperatures provoked a GLOF or glacial lake outburst flood in northern Pakistan, sweeping away bridges and villages in the valley below the Shisper glacier.



Hailing from Karachi, Pakistan, Karim is a producer and director. For the past few years he and his team have been documenting the impact of climate change in various parts of Central and South Asia. As a student of Muslim cultures and ethnomusicology, he aims to document the interplay between music and social change in diverse and transforming societies.


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