In an exclusive interview with the public relations of Documentary & Experimental Film Center (DEFC), Ayed Nabaa introduced himself as a Palestinian-Jordanian-French filmmaker, emphasizing the positive impact of his diverse background on his career. He expressed his unwavering commitment to documentary filmmaking, particularly focusing on the heart of his narrative—the Palestinian experience. Nabaa's journey in the field began in 2004, and over the past two decades, he has dedicated his work to shedding light on the struggles and stories of Palestine.


At Cinema Verite, Ayed Nabaa contributed to a panel specifically dedicated to Palestinian issues, with a strong focus on Gaza. While he did not showcase a particular documentary, Nabaa used the 'Gaza Panel' as an opportunity to share extracts from his extensive body of work, offering viewers a glimpse into his compelling storytelling.

Nabaa explained, "In the panel, I showed some extracts of my films, some parts, so people could attach and see what I've been making all these years."


During the interview, Ayed Nabaa stressed the pivotal role of documentaries in conveying the Palestinian narrative to the world. He noted that documentaries, as a valid and comprehensive form of art, can present a combination of visuals, sound, testimonials, and historical context—a powerful medium to spread the message of Palestine. Nabaa highlighted the need to counteract the propaganda against the Palestinian narrative, emphasizing the ongoing struggle for truth and justice.


He passionately stated, "I'm always saying that documentaries are the main form of art, or the main form of cinema, that would spread the message of Palestine, and the narrative of Palestine."


Addressing the role of Western powers, Nabaa asserted that the ongoing Palestinian struggle is intricately linked to the support provided by Europe and the United States to Israel. He criticized the complicity of these nations in the ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing, expressing a belief that history and international courts will hold them accountable for their actions.


As Ayed Nabaa continues to be a powerful voice for the Palestinian cause, his exclusive interview at the Cinema Verite Festival serves as a reminder of the crucial role documentaries play in shaping perceptions, fostering dialogue, and advocating for justice on the global stage.


The 17th Cinema Verite International Documentary Film Festival, under the direction of Mohammad Hamidi Moghadam, takes place from December 18 to 23 at the Charsou Cineplex.

By: Ehsan Padeganeh