According to the news headquarters of the 16th "Cinema Verite" International Festival, Mohammad Khazaei, the head of the film organization, said about the "Cinema Verite" festival: "I am happy that we have seen a very good reception for documentary filmmakers in this period, and in terms of statistics and quality, this year's festival has had a better routine than in previous years."

He continued: In this period, the presence of many countries is remarkable. Almost more than a thousand foreign films have been sent to the festival and nearly 30 countries are participating in the festival. Domestic and foreign guests are busy watching movies together, and thematic variety and climatic perspective are evident in the works. These scores show that the "Cinema Verite" train continues on its way.

Khazaei continued: "Fortunately, in documentary cinema, we had a better situation in terms of investment and production than in the past, and according to the promise I made to the documentary makers last year, the production budget of the expansion center was doubled and increased in terms of production, and we had good outputs that the full and comprehensive report should be announced by the Documentary, Experimental and Animation Film Center. He stated that "Cinema Verite" is the most important event of Iranian documentary cinema and added: Today, this cinema must step forward with all its strength in the uprising of narratives, in perceptual and media battles, and in various ways in the path of truth-seeking and enlightenment.

He continued: Documentary cinema is a representation of today's Iran, a proud and vast land, soaring and hopeful. An image that is not limited to the capital.

Khazaei stated that the cinema organization in the 13th government, with a justice-oriented approach, legalism, and standardization, despite all the challenges and problems, has always tried to be with the big family of Iranian cinema and documentary makers of the country, and noted: documentary makers as a part From the great body of cinema and media, today they carry a great historical mission, and more than ever, we need the capabilities of documentary cinema in the struggle to explain and record the truth and show it to the society and the young generation.

According to him, raising the fundamental issues of the country, responding to the false and upside-down portrayal of the biased media and news imperialism, discovering young talents, and making documentaries about neglected historical, social and political issues should be among the priorities of the Cinema Verite and expansion center.

The head of the cinematographic organization pointed out that in the world of conflicting images and narratives, Cinema Verite should take steps on the basis of real demands, honor and national and historical interests, and the unity and authority of the country. He stated: Many years ago, parts of the saga of the holy defense were preserved in the documentaries of Martyr Avini. Today, we still need that mystical and pure look at life, Iran, sacrifice and martyrdom.

Mohammad Khazaei continued: "Discussion and convergence, being together and talking to each other will take place at the "Cinema Verite" festival and other such events. The more our distance increases and we don't talk to each other, we will face double problems. "Cinema Verite" is a space for dialogue and a place where facts can be revealed, demands can be specified, and filmmakers can talk to each other from different points of view.

In another part of his talk, the head of the cinema organization explained about the interaction between television and cinema: TV and cinema have always interacted, and in this situation, television is on the side of the cinema organization. In a meeting held at the Supreme Council of Cinema, Mr. Jabali promised to give serious support to all movies and to provide a space for television to contribute to the prosperity and economy of Iranian cinema. I hope this interaction and cooperation will continue continuously and the field of culture will be proud of the blessings of this cooperation.

In the end, Mohammad Khazaei also mentioned Nader Talebzadeh: It was our duty to pay tribute to Nader Talebzadeh this year at the "Cinema Verite" festival. Professor Talebzadeh had a great right on the shoulders of all of us, especially the documentary makers of the Cultural Front of the Islamic Revolution. He was a professor and teacher who trained many students and brought up topics in his works that few filmmakers and artists approached him about.