45min, Italy, 2021


Screenplay: Simone Pizzi

Cinematography: Edoardo Lio

Editor: Giuseppe Chiaramonte

Producer: Filippo Broglia

Production Company: Habanero


The film unfolds through the story and observation of the difficulties faced by ordinary people (workers and students) and joins the testimonies of some people who have been at the forefront in organizing a concrete response to the needs of these citizens. The interviews alternate with moments of observation of reality by letting the viewer enter the intimacy of the protagonists of the film, allowing him to partially relive something that, albeit in different ways and forms, unfortunately we have all experienced.


Natural Cake (2015), The Road to Canaan, Like You Yourself, Sweet Memory Will Die

Festivals and Awards:

Festival del Cinema di Cefalù
International Nature and Environmental Protection Festival
The 5th Meihodo International Youth Visual Media Festival
The Paus Premieres Festival