47min, Argentina, 2022


Screenplay: Luciano Giardino

Editor: Diego Pratto

Producer: Luciano Giardino


Joaquín is a young man with down syndrome. Through the family bond that unites him with his cousin, we observe his daily life outside the family and institutional spheres, seeing him grow from 11 to 13 years old, with his emotional and physical changes. It is an affective and intimate look at a character, who experiences the least expected situations…


Mercado (2016) , Tromboneros (2021)

Festivals and Awards:

FIDBA DOC LAB, FIDBA-International Documentary Film Festival, Argentina
Selected in the second edition of Laboratorio Audiovisual de Documental de Creación (Audiovisual Laboratory in Documentary Creation), of the program "Señal Santa Fe" of the Ministry of Innovation and Culture of the province of Santa Fe, Argentina.