52min, Portugal, 2022


Screenplay: Diogo Varela Silva

Cinematography: Paulo Castilho

Editor: Paulo MilHomens

Music: Iuri Oliveira

Producer: Diogo Varela Silva


It’s a story with many layers. It’s about the painter Joao Ayres (1921 -2001) an artist in transit between Portugal and Africa who became forgotten in the narrative of Modern Art. It’s also a story about his family, who inherited a significant body of work. One of his grandchildren, Diogo Camilo Alves, the narrator, wants to make his grandfather’s art more accessible and has been fighting for its conservation and restoration. It’s also a story about the house that the painter build, where many of his work still reside and where is memory is very much alive…


From the Neighborhood (2021), Zé Pedro Rock n Roll (2019), Celeste (2015)

Festivals and Awards:

Festival Prize for Best Documentary and Best Cinematography, Arte Non Stop Film Festival, Argentina