15min, Turkey/Lebanon/Sudan/Syrian Arab, 2022


Screenplay: Orhan Dede

Cinematography: Yavuz Yildiz

Editor: Furkan Köse / Orhan Dede

Music: Cedric Vermue

Producer: Orhan Dede

Production Company: Rumman Production

Distribution/sales: Orhan Dede

Amar, Tamr, Shahed, Faris Raya, Salma, Ismael and many others tried to reunite with their surviving families. Some lost their lives in bombardments, some were taken hostage, and some are still missing.They all still have missing persons in their families. A father, a spouse or children…

But above all, they now are reunited with some of the surviving family members.


Spark (2023), The Search (2022), The Guest (2017), Certainly One Day (2017),  Home (2014)

Festivals and Awards:
23rd İzmir Short Film Festival Best National Documentary Nominee Finalist
11.İzmir International Children's Rights Film Festival Finalist
7th Turkish World Documentary Film Festival, Competition Film
3. Palestinian Refugees Film Festival Palestine, Finalist.
3. SEE Online Film Festival - Cinesquare ,North Macedonia,Finalist.
4th International Erzincan Short Film Festival, Documentary Branch, Finalist.