The winners of the National Competition Section of the 15th edition of Iran International Documentary Film Festival known as “Cinema Verite” has been announced.

The films are as follows:

**Best Short Documentary's Director:

-“Leave” by Hamid Jafari”

**Best Mid-Length Documentary's Director:

-“Surviving “Fortress” by Farshad Fadaian

**Best Full-Length Documentaries' Director:

-“Persian School” by Hassan Naqashi

**Best Researcher:

-“Life in the Archive” by Borhan Ahmadi

*Best Cameraman:

-“Surviving Fortress” by Farshad Fadaian, Faraz Fadaian

      **Best Sound:

-“Bibijan” by Meisam Hasanlou (Sound Reorder), Bamdad Afshar (Sound Design)

**Best Edit:

-“Dying” by Arash Asgari, Hojjat Taheri

Best Narration Writing:

-“Persian School”, Narration Writer: Hassan Naqashi, Narrator: Hadi Esfandiari, Farshad Fadaian

**Best Music:

- “Takiah-Dowlat” by Mahdi Mahmoudkhani

-“A story of the last year” by Younes Eskandari

**Best Documentary

-“Surviving Fortress” by Farshad Fadaein, Elaheh Noubakht

**The special award of jury boards went to Ali Hamraz for “Exit Less” and “That Night” by Mina Qasemi Zavareh

**Special Award of National Section

-“Let go of Mr. Sayyad” by Mohammad Sayyad

-“Scent of a Mother, Scent of a Lake” by Reza Mohammadpour

**Martyr Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani Award went to Avertin by Hassan Vazirzadeh