The acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Habib Valinejad commemorated in the 15th edition of the Iran International Documentary Film Festival “Cinema Verite" currently underway in Tehran.

Valinejad was born in Tehran in 1964. He has been graduated in Filmmaking and Production.

He has produced many documentaries in the field of sacred defense, including “Reconstructing a Documentary: The End of Waiting for Martyr Shirazi”, “Reconstructing Documentary: The Last Days of Winter of Martyr Hossein Bagheri”, “Martyr Hemmat”, “Martyr Chamran”, “The Half Hidden of Moon”, “English Game”, “Lasting Breaths”, “Unanswered Papers”, “The End of Waiting”, “The Bone of the Wound”, “Bitter Olive”, “Our Neighborhood”, “Rezvan Shrine”, “Hidden Pains”, “Lightning Day”, “Thirst”, “Neighborhood”, “The Reason for the Sun|, ”Resistance to victory”, “Imam Musa Sadr”, “Martyr Beheshti”, Stones and Stars”, “Dahiya of Lebanon”, “Passage to the Sky”, “Breath”,etc.

He is also a producer of TV series and Feature film “Standing in the Dust”, TV series of “the last days of winter” and Feature films: Bodyguard, personal clothes and going out

So far he has received several awards including the Crystal Simorgh Best Film for «Standing in the Dust» from Fajr Film Festival, Certificate of Appreciation for Producing Revolution Documentaries from Cinema Verite Film Festival, Special Jury Prize from the 13th Resistance Festival for «Last Days of Winter», Statue and Diploma of Honor for Best Film «Standing in Dust», 14th International Resistance Film Festival, Statue of Merit and Diploma of Honor for the best film for» Standing in the Dust «, Statue and Diploma of Honor for the best film in the international section of» Standing in the Dust.

He is the managing director of Revayat-E Fath Institute, Director of the Epic and Defense Group of IRIB1, Production Manager of the Media Organization OUJ