Cinema Verite 4 Mar 2019 - 16:13 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Shouting at the Wind -------------------------------------------------- 62, Iran, 2018 Text : Director:Siyavash Jamali, Ata Mehrdad Screenplay:Siyavash Jamali, Ata Mehrdad Cinematography:Ata Mehrdad Editor:Siyavash Jamali, Ata Mehrdad Producer:Siyavash Jamali, Ata Mehrdad Distribution/sales: Synopsis: Four years of an adolescent student s life, living in Darvazeh Ghat district, who aims to change the way of life and society around him in order to become a singer. He faces many problems in this regard, including parental opposition, financial problems, and lack of support for others around him. Filmography:Story of an old Man