Cinema Verite 4 Mar 2019 - 16:12 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Asak -------------------------------------------------- 50', Iran, 2018 Text : Director:Mehdi Zamanpoor Kiasari Screenplay: Mehdi Zamanpoor Kiasari Cinematography:Ali Shilandari, Pooyan Aghababaee Editor:Hossein Nikzad Producer:Somayyeh Zera atkar, Mehdi Zamanpoor Kiasari Distribution/sales: Synopsis:A 80-year old Southern blind man selects its own stone with a touch of hand and tongue as well as tasting it from a rocky mountain and extracts it with elementary tools. He builds and sells traditional dishes for the people of the village with a hand saw and chip-axe without any industrial equipment. Filmography:I Am Waiting for You, Bare Foot to Paradise, Green Shadows, Naghib Alavi, Ashura in Kiasar, Tiny Steps in the Highway of Allah, 30 Years of Living with 100 Stanzas, Mashti Esmaeel, Papeli, Heart s Path