Cinema Verite 1 Dec 2018 - 19:08 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Subito – Instant Photography -------------------------------------------------- 77’, Switzerland , 2018 Text : Director: Peter Volkart Screenplay: Peter Volkart Cinematographer: Peter Volkart & Stefan Klin Editor: Peter Volkart & Stefan Klin Producer: Franziska Reck Distribution/sales: RECK Filmproduktion Synopsis: Polaroid a fantastic invention bordering on magic! The history of a cultural phenomenon betwixt and between the poles of art, pop culture and technology that emerged in the middle of the last century and whose impact can still be felt today. Filmography : Subotika: Land of Wonders (2015) Zimmer 606 (2012) Monsieur Slavy (2008) Festivals and Awards Hof International Film Festival Zrich Film Festival