Cinema Verite 22 Nov 2017 - 20:18 -------------------------------------------------- Title : The Wonder Kid -------------------------------------------------- 72, Greece, 2017 Text : Director: Yiorgos Panteleakis Screenplay: Yiorgos Panteleakis Cinematographer: Yiorgos Panteleakis Editor: Yiorgos Panteleakis Producer: Independent Greek Cinema Distribution/Sales: Yiorgos Panteleakis, Synopsis: The story of a Greek Boxer The Wonder Kid from Greece, after a terminal injury, towards the 2016 Olympic games.A close look at the unique Boxing style father and son have created.Watch AIBA s President Dr Ching Wu, on one of his rare interviews, presenting his bold, controversial and innovative landmark decision to establish AIBA s own professional league, changing the Boxing scene forever.An avant-garde, highly conceptual, action packed doc incorporating visually the jazz musicians working for the score. Filmography: Boxer,2013 155 Sold,2012 Only19,2011 Festivals and Awards: 19thThessaloniki International Doc Film Festival