Cinema Verite 28 Nov 2018 - 14:56 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Avashesh -------------------------------------------------- 14’, India,2018 Text : Director: Akshata Anil Dalvi Screenplay: Akshata Dalvi Cinematography:Aditya Divekar Editor: Avadhoot Potdar Producer: Amruta Anil Dalvi Distribution/sales:Akshata Anil Dalvi Synopsis: A portrait of a time, a city, and a man; the time is the past, the city, Indian tier II cities trying to save its cultural identity, native people of Belgaum leaving ancestral houses and migrating for better opportunities and future. We want to trace the stories behind these houses. Observing the natural order of spaces and the way people move through them. This film is designed to give the experience of a slice of life in contemporary urban India. Filmography: This documentary film is her first film.