Cinema Verite 23 Dec 2019 - 19:07 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Peter Gottschalk: We are not far from the day of having Persian ARTE -------------------------------------------------- Purchase and co-production administrator of ARTE network, Peter Gottschalk who’s traveled to Tehran attending 13th Cinema Verite Festival, said in an interview: “The day that we have ARTE channel in Persian is not far.” Text : Speaking in the documentary film market of Cinema Verite, Gottschalk told the group of Iranian filmmakers and enthusiasts visiting the festival that: ARTE network was in French and German at first, but today its activities are in various languages. Although we yet don t have any program in Persian and I apologize for it, but I don t see the day of having programs in your language far from now. Gottschalk added: This network mutual brainchild of Franois Mitterrand (former French President) and Helmut Kohl (former German chancellor), who aimed both counties to co-operate in founding a transnational network. Peter Gottschalk worked with the celebrated ARTE network since 1996. Regarding the schedule of films, ARTE is interested in, he said: the network broadcasts 90-min long documentaries, 8 hours serial programs as well as short films. Though there is no difference between French and German ARTE, the French programs begin an hour earlier, because people in France drink their evening tea sooner and go to bed before people of Germany. Concerning the conditions of co-operation with the ARTE network, professor Gottschalk explained that: We have offices in countries such as Ireland, Luxemburg, Belgium, Finland, Austria, Sweden, Italy, etc. which answer your and our questions and communications. On the other hand, ARTE network cares that received documentaries have never been displayed anywhere. ARTE s purchase administrator also mentioned designation a particular night to documentaries with peculiar subjects. He said: We are producing documentary films about the water crisis that has a Turkish producer. I offer you to give your films concerning this issue to the network. The celebrated editor, writer, and producer also emphasized a few times to the audience: Find good producer for your ideas and do not try to do everything by yourself. Focus on creative activities and if you are interested in organizing and production, change your field of work. Additionally you don t have to necessarily make political documentaries to be spotted. Environment, wildlife and any other subject if brought up properly may enlarge to an extent far beyond any political documentary. Gottschalk continued: We have a specific schedule for various films, for example, wildlife documentaries have a 50-90 min show time and if your film is longer than that, it s not for us, whilst we know that short films have no rules about length. ARTE also shows short films under 30-min and doesn t use strict limitations in this regard. However we the matter has high significance for us, to the extent that the network has a particular magazine for short films. Professor Gottschalk considered suspension to be a very important element in film selection, stating that: For us, it matters that a received film can entertain Saturday (weekend) night audience. We are not interested in documentaries that don t have any attraction for the audience, because attracting the audience is our first priority. Mentioning to the fact that the world is and has been in constant change, said: I started my work, making 16 mm films at the time that relations were very complicated but now everything s changed and one must be hopeful. Responding to the question of an attendee who described ARTE s accepting system difficult and complicated, the network s purchase administrator said: We are not difficult and complicated, on the contrary, we are a flexible network and the only matter we re fastidious about and care about is to accept films that have potentially attract audiences. Today, ARTE s production manager is a young man, who s almost 10 cm taller than me. He keeps reminding me that our method must be innovational and interesting, but the problem is, some filmmakers tend to make intellectual films, which bores the viewer s minds.