Cinema Verite 28 Nov 2018 - 17:52 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Lulu: The Pearl Boxer -------------------------------------------------- 4’, Tanzania, 2018 Text : Director: Asimwe John Bibagamba Screenplay: Asimwe John Bibagamba Cinematography: David Fuller & Amin Suwedi Editor: Kibabu Kassim Producer: Amin Suwedi & Asimwe John Bibagamba Distribution/sales: Amin Suwedi Synopsis: Lulu is a female boxer in her late 20s who has been boxing for more than half a decade. This documentary goes through her journey as a female boxer in Tanzania; where boxing is male-dominated. It also goes through the challenges and hardships she had to endure and overcome in order to pursue her dream. The aim of the documentary is to break down stereotypes and give a voice to women not only in boxing but those trying to break the glass ceiling in all fields within the country. Filmography: This documentary film is his first film. Festivals and Awards: Zanzibar International Film Festival