Cinema Verite 5 Nov 2017 - 14:45 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Moo Ya -------------------------------------------------- 80, UK, 2017 Text : Director: Christopher Ian Smith Screenplay: Christopher Ian Smith Cinematographer: Filippo Ticozzi Editor: Filippo Ticozzi Producer: Federico Minetti - Effendemfilm Distribution/Sales: Filippo Ticozzi, Synopsis: Opio is a blind man who lives in an isolated African village. He spends most of his time sitting and listening to his land, full of mystery and a bloody past. One day, without any apparent reason, he decides to leave. Filmography: Chasing the wind-2014 Festivals and Awards: Special Jury Award TffDoc -Torino Film Festival (Italy), Best Film Extr A-Festival of African, Asian and Latin America Cinema (Italy), Best Documentary-EtnoFilm Fest (Italy), Special Mention-Mediterraneo Video Festival (Italy), Young Jury Prize-IsReal Festival (Italy), Doc/It Professional Award (Italy