Cinema Verite 1 Dec 2018 - 19:16 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Humberto Mauro -------------------------------------------------- 90’, Brazil, 2018 Text : Director:Andr Di Mauro Screenplay:Andr Di Mauro Cinematographer:Bia Mauro Editor: Renato Vallone, Andr Di Mauro Producer:DiMauro Filmes (Andr Di Mauro), Canal Brasil Disturbution/ sales: DiMauro Filmes Synopsis: Humberto Mauro is a documentary-tribute to the filmmaker Humberto Mauro considered the pioneer of Brazilian and Latin American cinema, directed by his grandnephew, Andr Di Mauro. The film shows the life of Humberto Mauro through his films in a narrative composed of audio interviews of him in the 1960 s. Festivals and awards: Venice Classics Documentary Films Festival do Rio Festival des 3 Continents