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Acclaimed British filmmaker, Orlando von Einsiedel, holds masterclass in “Cinema Verite”

Acclaimed British filmmaker; Orlando von Einsiedel held an online master class at Iran International Documentary Film Festival known as “Cinema Verite” in Tehran.
Acclaimed British filmmaker, Orlando von Einsiedel, holds masterclass in “Cinema Verite”
Einsiedel talked about "adventure documentary" in his master class, adding that every documentary he has made has come with challenges and difficulties for him.
Commenting on his method for learning filmmaking, Einsiedel said he has learned filmmaking gradually.
"I always have wanted to make films about things in the world that really mattered to me. I love traveling and meeting new places and people, and they have definitely shaped the stories I have spent a lot of time on," he added.
"In the process of making a documentary, the relationship between the filmmaker and the film hero is very important and vital," he said.
"Gaining trust, access, or whatever word you like to describe it, is what the whole documentary is based on. When this relationship is slowly but surely formed between the filmmaker and the protagonist, you will feel it as the audience.
"I always wanted to make films about positive change, the people looking for a change in sub-Saharan Africa, their incredible things," Einsiedel added.
Born in August 1980, von Einsiedel is a British film director. He directs mostly documentary films that investigate global social issues and has filmed in various places around the world, including Africa, Asia, America, and the Arctic.
von Einsiedel became known for his award-winning film Virunga, produced with the cooperation of Virunga National Park director Prince de Merode.
Many of von Einsiedel's documentaries have been screened at some of the world's top film festivals.
He directed Virunga (2014), which received an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature, and The White Helmets (2016), which won for Best Documentary (Short Subject). Both nominations were shared with producer Joanna Natasegara.
His 2018 film, Evelyn, about his late brother, launched at the London Film Festival and won the BIFA for Best Documentary.
In 2020, 'Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (if you're a girl)', a film he was an executive producer on, won the Best Documentary (Short Subject. (
In 2006, he co-founded Grain Media, a production company based in London.
Von Einsiedel spent several years as a professional snowboarder, travelling the world promoting the brand names of various sponsors through media engagements, photo/video shoots, and competitions.
During this period he was given the nickname 'Jill Dando', due to the rhyme connection between his name and hers.
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