Tuesday 15 December 2020 - 15:44
Time/Country/Year : 61’/UAE,Lebanon/ 2020

Unlocking doors of cinema

Director: Nezar andary
Unlocking doors of cinema
Screenplay: Nezar andary
Cinematography: Nezar andary
Editor: Nezar andary
Producer: Hana Makki
Distribution/sales:Hana Makki

Synopsis : Synopsis: This documentary explores the fifty years of artistic contribution of Syrian author Muhammad Malas, and example of a people’s intellectual, who was exiled from his hometown, but whose films provoke contemplating loss, memory, and home.
Applying a chronological narrative of Muhammad Malas’s cinematic journey, features personal interviews with him, archival footage of his films, Nezar Andary tries to analyze Malas as a human and a director. He manages to successfully approach the formation of a leading filmmaker on both the intellectual and creative levels.

Filmography : Filmography: This film is his first film.

Story Code: 8048
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