Tuesday 15 December 2020 - 15:32
275’/ USA/ 2020

City Hall

Director: Frederick Wiseman
City Hall
Screenplay: Frederick Wiseman
Cinematography: John Davey
Editor: Frederick Wiseman
Producer: Frederick Wiseman, Karen Konicek
Distribution/sales: Zipporah Films

Synopsis: City government touches many aspects of our lives and yet most of us are unaware of or take for granted the services that are performed. CITY HALL, by Frederick Wiseman, shows the efforts by Boston city government, led by Mayor Martin Walsh, to address racial justice, affordable housing, climate action, homelessness, and support for seniors, immigrants, and veterans.

Filmography: Titicut Follies, High School ,Law and Order, Hospital , I Miss Sonia Henie , Basic Training , Essene , Juvenile Court , Primate, Welfare ,Meat ,Canal Zone ,Sinai Field Mission ,Manoeuvre ,Seraphita's Diary , Model, The Store, Racetrack, Multi Handicapped, Deaf, Adjustment and Work, Blind, Missile, Near Death, Central Park, Aspen, Zoo, High School II, Ballet , La Comédie-Française ou l'Amour joué 1996, Public Housing, Belfast, Maine, Domestic Violence, the Last Letter, Domestic Violence 2, The Garden, State Legislature, La Danse, Boxing Gym, Crazy Horse 2011, At Berkeley, National Gallery, In Jackson Heights, Ex Libris, Monrovia Indiana
Festivals and Awards : IDFA2020, Toronto International Film Festival 2020,
Biennale cinema Venize 2020, New York Film Festival 2020
Story Code: 8046
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