Wednesday 18 November 2020 - 15:23

Hamidi-Moqaddam: We want to raise documentary cinema flag

The director of the 14th edition of the International Verite Film Festival Cinéma Vérité, Mohammad Hamidi-Moqaddam said holding this cinematic event in the current situation seemed to be a challenging decision.
Hamidi-Moqaddam: We want to raise documentary cinema flag
In an interview with Iran Newspaper, Hamidi-Moqaddam said the main concern regarding the event was the future of documentaries since the time of screening is important.
Elaborating on the economic problem happened by holding the event, he said this festival is an opportunity for creating happiness in the society, adding that the
TV programs are trying to remove disappointment from the society all around the world.
He added that the Cinema Vérité is able to create this chance for its audience and for its lovers.
Hamidi-Moqaddam said after reviewing the situation and consulting with experts and thanks to the second and third waves of COVID19, we decided that holding the event in person will not be possible.
Due to the impact of online broadcasting, he said one of the main challenges in the world is that the biggest companies for releasing documentaries in the word will have face problems.
"It means that short documentaries will become more popular and development in production will continue," he said.
He noted that many people in the world are interested in festivals, underlying that we have always been after making Cinema Vérité more popular.
Hamidi-Moqaddam believes that this method is even better for documentary producers and the documentaries have the chance to be screened for several times.
Starting on line screening was a great development for Iran; he said adding that we should learn from the experiences in the world.
The 14th edition of “Cinema Verite” will be held in Tehran from Dec 8-14, 2020 in online format.
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