Monday 23 December 2019 - 18:29
Meng Xi, the International Section’s Jury Member:

It Was A Miraculous Moment to See Kiarostami’s House

Meng Xi is a young jury member of 13th Cinema-Verite Festival who came to Iran. The cinema educated, is a producer and director of the Radiance Films Company based in Beijing.
It Was A Miraculous Moment to See Kiarostami’s House
Among his recent films is "Wind City", which is also in International Competition of the festival. Prior to producing, he worked as a documentary filmmaker and later joined a Museum of Contemporary Art in Beijing to work as a film curator. Since 140 movie halls have been under the supervision of the museum and he has been the curator, he has been watching films from around the world for five years, from fiction and documentary to experimental and independent films. He has also been known for recent years as a documentary film buyer. This is the first time Meng Xi has traveled to Tehran and has had the experience of attending the 13th Iranian Documentary Film Festival and felt honored to have been invited as a member of jury board.
“I didn't see many documentaries from Iran, but well, Kiarostami also had documentaries while his fiction films were also full of documentary elements. He was, however, a director who did not make fantasy films and focused more on the realities of contemporary Iranian society. He also paid special attention to humanistic issues, and from his films, you could discover the reality of Iranian society. It was through his films that I became acquainted with society, with people, with conditions, with the lives of Iranian people. Now that I am at the festival, I realize that I love to watch more and more Iranian documentaries. Although I am currently a member of the International Jury, I have had the chance to watch several Iranian films. Fortunately, yesterday was a very special day in my life and I had the chance to see my favorite director's house, where he lived for nearly 40 years. Even though I didn't enter it, it was very memorable for me to see that house. The thought that Kiarostami wrote all those scripts in this house, made his films in this house and now that I am standing in that place, for me it was something like a miraculous, cinematic moment” He said.
Nasim Ghazizadeh
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