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Bushib AlMasoudi: I Invite 13th Festival Best Film to Morocco

The 13th Cinema Verite International Film Festival Moroccan director and producer decided to invite the winner of the best film award of this ceremony to the Morocco festival.
Bushib AlMasoudi: I Invite 13th Festival Best Film to Morocco
Bushib AlMasoudi, director and producer from Morocco who has been the director of Moroccan Khurbigah Festival for ten years, stated that: “When I attended the festival and understood its various sections, I just realized what a great ceremony I was in. This festival has a great atmosphere for the competition between Iranian and foreign Films. There are also side sections such as expert meetings, workshops and most importantly ‘Video Library’ that can only found in very big festivals.”
Dr.Almasoudi mentioned the formation of such atmospheres as a sign of organizer’s consideration of all necessary branches, saying that: “I saw various age groups in the festival, standing in lines to watch films. This was fascinating to me that documentary cinema has gained such popularity in your country.”
Visiting Iran for the first time, he only knew Iran through media before. He stated: “Iranian cinema is reflected throughout the world, but what the media reflects from Iran is nothing except troubles and there is no hint of that in this festival.”
Finally, Almasoudi mentioned his appreciation to the festival organizers, declaring that: “I’ve decided to invite the best film of this festival to our own festival, as well as getting to know Iranian directors.”
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