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Co-Production Increases the Chances of a Film Being Seen

The last film market session of Cinema Verite International Film Festival attended by Gunny Hyoung, South Korea Documentary Film Festival director and Meng Xie, Chinese documentary film curator.
Co-Production Increases the Chances of a Film Being Seen
At the beginning of this session, Meng Xie mentioned that it’s his first time in Iran and in Cinema Verite. He continued: “I started with making documentary films and production. Today we screen about 200 films every year and invite great filmmakers to the festival.”
He continued: “Our company has a very tight relationship with Chinese retailers, so if you’re willing to cooperate and it happens, we can have extensive activities. We can also collaborate on VOD.”
At last, mentioning his high level of interest in Iranian cinema, Meng Xie said: “If you wanted to put your film in China’s market, find a Chinese curator.”
Gunny Hyoung: Iranians have high chances for screening their films in Korea
Following the session, Gunny Hyoung from the EBS network explained how this network works. Pointing out that the network also holds a festival, he said: “We have many Co-productions internationally and most of the film invited to our festival also bought for distribution rights so that there might be no problems for screening them.”
Hyoung stated that many young people don’t watch TV anymore and said: “We’ve managed to display films on cell phones and even made money doing that.”
He pointed out that the Korean network’s interested in buying finished works, as well as  the‌‌ works with 50 – 70 percent accomplishment and stated: “Iranian have a very good chance of displaying their films in our country because Abbas Kiarostami and his works are still popular there.”
Gunny Hyoung also said that the EBS network is supported by government funding and added: “Either send you plans directly to our network or find local producer there. I should also mention that we supported five documentary projects, which two of them were Canadian and Chinese and of course there are three Iranian films that we’ve supported so far.”
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