Monday 23 December 2019 - 17:55
Partnership and convergence of documentary film production companies in DEFC

Pitching Session Held in Verite

With the assistance of the Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC), a session held for outstanding Iranian managers, producers and institutions' representatives, who are in documentary film business and attended in “Pitching Panel” of Cinema Verite International Film Festival.
Pitching Session Held in Verite
Representatives from Mostanad channel, Hozeh Honari, Islamic Revolution Documentary House, Association of Documentary Film Producer’s Guild, Ravayate Fath Institution, Documentary Center of IRIB’s Province Department, Khaneh Cinema CEO also attended to the outstanding Iranian managers, producers and institution’s session held in DEFC.
Among the issues emphasized by attendees at the session was the interest of the aforementioned institutions to found a “permanent secretariat “, involving joint delegates. The purpose is to receive creative ideas and plans of documentary filmmakers containing pure moments good enough to compete internationally twice a year so that companies can find creative plans and show their interest to contribute to production. This workgroup also provides the basis for formulating significant and great plans, hence documentary cinema may move toward international markets.
Along with the celebration of the 13th Cinema Verite International Film Festival, delegates of aforementioned institutions judge 18 preliminary plans accepted from Iranian Documentary makers, using Pitching Panel format so that these plans could be supported.
Introducing 8 Foreign Referees of Verite Pitching
8 international referees include Ove jensen  (adviser and documentary producer, marketing agent), Braum Crols (Belgium producer and workshop teacher), Peter Gottschalk (purchase and collaborative production administrator at French ARTE TV), Jennifer Deschamps (documentary filmmaker and producer), Christian Falch (documentary producer on Upnorth Film, Norway), Ken -ichi Imamura (producer and collaborative documentary production’s administrator on NHK, Japan), Gunny Hyoung (document filmmaker and producer on ABS channel, South Korea) and Lars Säfström (purchase administrator for documentary department on Swedish National Television, SVT), traveled to Tehran for Cinema Verite Festival, so documentary filmmakers selected by Cinema Verite Pitching may introduce their plans before them.
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