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30 Documentary Films from 22 Countries Compete in International Section of Cinema Verite

Documentary films for the International Competition of the 13th Cinema Verite International Film Festival announced. 30 documentary films from 22 countries accepted for this section.
30 Documentary Films from 22 Countries Compete in International Section of Cinema Verite
These 30 films judged on the international competition by a jury comprising six referees from Iran, Belgium, Kosovo, China, and Poland. Mehrdad Oskouei, Zlatinka Rousseva and Karol Piekarczyk are the referees of the full-length documentaries on International Competition section of the Festival. Raed Faridzadeh, Veton Nurkollari and Meng Xie are short and mid-length referees of the International Competition on Cinema Verite Festival.
Competing for documentary films in Cinema Verite International Competition Section, categorized to short, mid-length, full-length documentaries and by countries present in the festival are as follows:
Short Documentary Films (- 40)
  • ASHO / Jafar Najafi / Iran
    Cotton Walls / Abbas Omrani Bidi / Iran
    Dandelion Mum / Barbora Hollan / Norway
    Pain is Mine / Farshid Akhlaghi / Australia
    Selfie / Nayra Sanz Fuentes / Spain
    That’s What Happened / Mohamed Kassaby / Egypt
    Then comes the evening / Maja Novaković / Serbia, Bosnia
    Thursday Fields / Harry Zernike / United States
    Urgent Tyro Wanted / Osman ÇAKIR / Turkey
    Women of the Gulag / Marianna Yarovskaya / US, Russia
Mid-Length Documentary Films (40 – 70)
  • Jamile/ Mohammad Bagher Shahin / Iran
    Steep Slope / Loqman Khaledi / Iran
    An un-Aired Interview / Muhammad Salah / Egypt
    Breathless Animals / Lei Lei / United States
    My Country Till I Return / Nuran Ozkan, Erdal Hos / Turkey
    Scars / Didier Cros / France
    Spoon / Laila Pakalniņa / Latvia, Norway, Lithuania
     Summa / Andrei Kutsila / Poland
    Symphony of the Ursus Factory / Jaśmina Wójcik / Poland
    The Way Back / Maxime Jennes, Dimitri Petrovic / Belgium
Full-Length Documentary Films (+ 70)
  • Eclipse / Mohsen Ostadali / Iran
    No Place for Angles / Sam Kalantari / Iran
    BORN2DRIVE / Daniel Fahre / Norway
    Kabul, City in the Wind / Aboozar Amini / Netherlands, Afghanistan, Japan, Germany
    Ringside / Andre Hörmann / Germany, US
    Sheep Hero / Ton Van Zantvoort / Netherlands
    The Fading Village / Liu Feifang / China
    The king maker / Lauren Greenfield / United States
    To Share or Not to Share / Minna Hint, Meelis Muhu / Estonia
    When Lambs Become Lions / Jon Kasbe / United States
Verite Awards:
Awards for the International Competition section of the 13th Cinema Verite Festival are as follows:
  • The Best Full-length Documentary award, $5000 prize
    The Best Mid-length Documentary award, $4000 prize
    The Best Short Documentary award, $3000 prize
    Special Jury Award, two $2000 prizes
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