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Reza Abedini;

The Special Role of the International Graphic Designer in 13th Cinema-Verite

One of the highlights of this edition of Cinema Verite Festival is the same artistic management applied to different parts of the festival. Reza Abedini, is the artistic manager of the festival and he could make a pleasant harmonious design among all the visual activities of the festival. Designing the festival’s poster, logo, all the visual elements of ceremonies and events are all under his artistic supervision.
The Special Role of the International Graphic Designer in 13th Cinema-Verite
He graduated in 1985 from the School of Fine Arts in Tehran, majoring in graphic design. He went on to get a second degree and majored in painting from the Tehran University of Art and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1992. Upon graduating until 1993, he was the Editor of the visual section of Sureh Monthly Magazine. In 1993, he founded Reza Abedini Studio an independent design consultancy and art direction studio. He has started his artistic activity since 22 years old. His activity in graphic designing including poster designing, logo, and book are focusing on typography.
His works keep a modern theme as he blends traditional Islamic patterns, calligraphy and culture. He combines simple illustrations with poetic typography and elegant layouts, exploring the beauty of the Persian language. He is also an art critic, independent art director with Reza Abedini Studio and the editor-in-chief of Manzar magazine in Iran. Abedini is a member of the Iranian Graphic Designers Society since 1997, he was a member of jury at several biennials throughout the world. His name is listed in Meggs History of Graphic Design, as one of the world's outstanding post digital graphic designers.
Some of the spotlights of his career are designing “logo of Independent Designers’ Gallery”. Since two decades ago, he has been known in international scenes as the symbol of Iranian graphic designer while he has won lots of international awards including 100,000-Euro award of Prince Claus from Netherland in 2006.  Moreover, the exhibition of his works has been held in that year (12th December 2006) in Amsterdam. In 2009 he established Orientation Studio in Netherlands and held an exhibition of his works in Tehran in 2015 that was very admiring by audience and critics. Abedini lives with his wife and two kids in Iran, Netherlands and Lebanon.
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