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An Interview with Neda Milanova

Iranian Films Are Pholosophical

Cinema Verite has many international guests. They become familiar with the atmosphere of Iranian documentary also cooperation ways for working in the world of cinema. Neda Milanova from Bulgaria is one of the international guests of 13th Cinema-Verite. She participated in the festival from Balkan Documentary Center. Neda Milanova speaks about cooperation between Iranian documentarists with Balkan documentary movement.
Iranian Films Are Pholosophical
How could you participate in Cinema-Verite?
This is the first time I came Iran and Cinema-Verite festival, in fact, I was invited by the festival. I came to make cooperation with the festival with our festival in Balkan. Our center is very eager to have cooperation with Cinema-Verite.
Can you tell us more about your festival and your center? What are the sections your festival has?
We hold two workshops in our festival that each of them includes three different sections. First, I tell you about the first workshop. The first section names BDC. BDC is the abbreviation of Balkan Documentary Center. In fact, the task of this section is about the first step of documentary-making. In this step which holds in Sofia city, some activities like pitching and developing ideas are done. The second section of the workshop is held in Kosovo and the third part is interactively with other countries. This section is naturally be held in interaction with other documentary festivals. Most years, it has been held in Germany but it can be held in any other country too. The second workshop is like the first one, has two sections. The first section is held in Budapest, and is about postproduction. In fact, this section is about film preparation. Our focus is on editing in this step. The second section in Sofia, and the last section in Sarajevo will be held in Bosnia. Balkan Documentary Center is the main sponsor of Sarajevo Film Festival which is the big event.
So, you came to Cinema-Verite for holding one of your workshops?
Exactly, we want to select films for our second workshop. Iran Documentary Film Festival is the perfect choice for us. We think Cinema-Verite is a great o festival and we are eager to have cooperation with it. We want to choose limited number of Iranian documentarists and hold edit workshop with presence of them. We have many ideas. One of them is that we decide to make a film with cooperation of Iranian and Bulgarian directors. In this way, I will hold DocMarket workshop during the festival, and my aim is to familiarize Iranian directors with global film markets. 
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