Tuesday 17 December 2019 - 12:49

Cinema Verite Hosts the World

With beginning of the 13th Iran Documentary Film Festival-Cinema-Verite, 40 international guests will join the festival.
Cinema Verite Hosts the World
10 festival directors like Zlatina Rousseva (Director of Belgium Millennium Documentary Festival), Gunny Hyoung (Director of Korea Documentary Festival), Italo Spinelli (Director of Rome Cinemateque from Italy), Artur Vardikyan (Director of Apricot Tree Documentary Festival from Armenia), Veton Norkollari (Director of Kosovo Documentary Festival), Csilla Kato (Planner of Astra Documentary Festival from Romania), Mariam Chutkerashvil (Planner of Georgia Documentary Festival) will be present in this edition.
Moreover, the representatives of other film festival will come Tehran for the festival like Dumitru Budrala (Astra Documentary Festival from Romania), Hatsoyo Kato (Japan Pamagata Festival), Karol Piekarezyk (Planner and Distributer from Docs Igines Gravini Documentary Festival of Poland), Daner Omer (Iraq Suleymanyah Festival).
Documentary producers and buyers are also some of the guests of the festivals like Meng Xie (producer and documentary buyer from Radiance Films Company from China), Hugo Carmona (Producer from Peru), Christian Falch (Producer from Norway), Bram Crols (Producer from Belgium), Bouchaib Elmessaoudi (Filmmaker and producer from Morocco), Odile Allard ( Producer from France).
Eric Spitzer Marlyn (Austrian Sound Recorder), Neda Milanova (from Belgrade documentary center from Bulgaria), Ove Rishoj Jehnsen (Manager of Paradel Pictures production company from Denmark), Peter Gottschalk (Arte Channel from France), Maxim Jennes, Dimitri Petrovic, Hussein Rasim, Juliet and Ellea Lacroix (Filmmakers from Belgium), Lars Safstrom (from Sweden Television), Ken Ichi Imamura (from Japan), Andre Hormann (Filmmaker from Germany), Farshid Akhlaghi (From Australia), Abuzar Amini( Filmmaker from India), are some other international guests of 13th Cinema-Verite.
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