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Reviewing Belgian Millennium Film Festival in Cinema Verite

In “A Festival’s Mirror” section of the 13th Cinema Verite, a selection will be displayed openly from Belgian Millennium Film Festival.
Reviewing Belgian Millennium Film Festival in Cinema Verite
The main purpose of the Millennium Festival is to showcase independent and quality documentary films, which tell stories about everyday concerns of the society and encourage audiences to think about the relation of these films with outside world. On the other hand, Millennium Festival supports producing documentary films and every year reserves to packages for them, national and international.
In 13th Cinema Verite international film festival, 7 films from Millennium Festival will be showcased as following:
  • Arreo (Tato Moreno/ Argentina)
    Welcome to Sodom (Christian Krönes, Florian Weigensamer/ Austria, Ghana)
    The Color of the Chameleon (Andres Lübbert/ Germany)
    A Woman Captured (Bernadett Tuza-Ritter / Hungary, Germany)
    The Other Side of Everything (Mila Turajlic/ Serbia, France, Qatar)
    Heart of stone (Claire Billet , Olivier Jobard / France)
    It's not dark yet (Frankie Fenton / Ireland)
It’s worth noting that Mrs. Zlatina Rousseva, director of Belgian Millennium Festival contributes as a member of Cinema Verite referee board.
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