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Zahedian: Lalehzar Was a Gateway To The Modern World

The long documentary film, “It’s Winter”, directed by Mehrdad Zahedian and produced by Pirooz Hanachi received three important awards for research, direction and production from Iranian Cinema’s Documentaries Independent Ceremony before entering the National Competition section on 13th Cinema Verite International Film Festival.
Zahedian: Lalehzar Was a Gateway To The Modern World
In an interview about “It’s Winter” documentary, which took three years to produce, said that “this film’s about the social, cultural and political history of Lalehzar Street of Tehran. In other words, the film is a narrative of rising and falling of this street that shows it’s how it shaped and how degraded of identity.
As for the importance of addressing this street, he said: "Lelehzar is important because it was a gateway to enter the modern world in Tehran. So if you wanted to experience the modern world at that time, you should go there, and that’s because the first theaters, concerts, cafes, fashion stores, etc. that had never before existed in Tehran could be found in that area.
Citing the production of this documentary by Pirooz Hanachi, Tehran’s mayor, Zahedian said that “that’s exciting because it’s indicates that politicians can also step in and help producing documentaries so that they can display their cultural image.”
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