Tuesday 17 December 2019 - 12:27

Honeyland on Cinema Verite’s Screens

The long documentary “Honeyland” is one of the honorific films of documentary world. Made in 2019, Honeyland won the great award of the Sundance Film Festival and send to Oscars as the representative of Macedonia. Now it has been chosen to be screened at 13th Cinema Verite international film festival.
Honeyland on Cinema Verite’s Screens
The film made in three years by “Ljubo Stefanov” and “Tamara Kotevska” is about a middle-aged woman. “Khadija Muratova” lives with “Nazifa”, her 85 years old low-visioned mother on a small farm. The farm has no electricity belongs to a deserted village in the Macedonian mountains. “Khadija” is a beekeeper whose job is to make organic honey. In the film, she delicately collects honey from the wax edge, which is exactly in the color of her yellow clothing. The controversial story begins with a uninvited guest that comes to these lands and endangers her local lifestyle by introducing bee-hunting methods that not cares for environment…
Indoor Cinematography is made by Fejmi Daut and Samir Ljuma, who mostly film the sequences using candle light. The filmmakers portray mother-daughter intimacy, a relationship in which rather than words, love and affection exchanged through caring and tendance.
Story Code: 7458
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