Wednesday 22 May 2019 - 11:35


29'. Italy, 2014
Director: Fatima Bianchi 
Screenplay: Fatima Bianchi, Daniela Persico 
Cinematographer: Fatima Bianchi 
Editor: Fatima Bianchi 
Producer: Fatima Bianchi 
Distribution/Sales: Fatima Bianchi 

Synopsis: A lighthouse on the mountains over Brunate, a beam of light incessantly rotating in the dark, shedding light over something which has remained in the shadows. It illuminates one house. The house contains members of one family, portrayed in their daily life. The story revolves around a specific moment in time, when Francesco, the eldest son, spends one year in jail. About that time each of the relatives exchanges letters with him. 

Filmography: Circa Diam 2010, Andata Senza Ritorno 2011, Atlanti Possibili 2011, Monteverne 2011, City Sight 2014 

Festivals and Awards: Vision Du Reel 2015, Open Doc City Film Festival, Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival 2015 
Story Code: 5794
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