Monday 4 March 2019 - 15:40

Warm Breezes

23', Iran, 2017
Warm Breezes
Director: Hossein Rigi 
Screenplay: Hossein Rigi 
Cinematography: Sadegh Soori 
Editor: Hamid Fanaee
Producer: Hossein Rigi 
Distribution/sales: Documentary and Experimental Film Center 
Synopsis: "Kobra Lak Zahed" was not able to go to school up to 12 due to family issues. She began the course with the support of his step-father and nehzat Savad Amoozi organization and was successful in obtaining a bachelor's degree with her day-to-day efforts. Now she began her struggle to educate girls in Sistan and Baluchestan as a teacher. 

Filmography: Directed over 20 short films, documentaries and animations. 

Story Code: 4938
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