Monday 4 March 2019 - 15:38


39', Iran, 2018
Director: Orod Attarpoor 
Screenplay: Orod Attarpoor 
Cinematography: Reza Teimoori 
Editor: Saeed Khodarezaee 
Producer: Orod Attarpoor 
Distribution/sales: Sima Film 
Synopsis: In 1933, during the excavation of Persepolis, which was conducted by the University of Chicago under the direction of famous german archeologist Ernst Herzfeld, they discovered thousands of earthen tablets with Elamite cuneiform scripts written on them. The tablets were sent to the University of Chicago with the consent of both sides to discover the encryption of these texts, and over the course of the years parts of the scripts disclose but after more than 80 years, there are still obstacles to return these tablets to Iran! 

Filmography: The Lost Image, Ashura in Abyaneh, Sketches of Marriage, Parnian, Maryam, My Name is Love, From Shams to Shams, On Belqeis Hair, One Hundred Years Baldieh Tehran, Persian Gulf, In the Sun of Shams 
Story Code: 4933
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