Sunday 10 February 2019 - 12:57
11th Cinema Verite

Review of Previous Editions

Notable Cinematic Figures at Cinema Verite
We are proud to had the chance to host notable guests in our last eidition of Iran International Documentary Film Festival "Cinema Verite".

Gianfranco Rosi
He was one of the significant guests of the 11th Cinema Verite and was a member of jury for the International Documentary Feature Length section. He aslo held a workshop callled "The Truth of the Moment". In a interview with our daily bulletin he mentioned: "There was no way I’d say no to Iran's Cinema Verite"

Fabrice Puchault
He is the director and editor-in-chief of the documentary section of the ARTE network and traveled to Tehran to host a workshop called "Creative Documentary Coproduction" at the 11th Cinema Verite. He also participated in our film market. 

Asako Fujioka
She is from the board of directors of the Japan Yamagata International Documentary Festival and attended the 11th Cinema Verite as the lecturer of "Co-production and Fund" Workshop. This Japanese director who is also a member of the TOKYO DOCS executive committee, was one of the guests of the film market of Cinema Verite and talked with Iranian documentarians about the participation in the international documentary film festivals.

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