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12th Cinema Verite Opened with "For Freedom"

18 Dec 2018 - 12:53

On the 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution of Iran, the Iranian International Documentary Film Festival, Cinema Verite, opened by the complete and restored version of "For Freedom", a documentary by Hossein Torabi.

In 1978-79, and collaborating with Fereydoun Reypour, Karim Davami, Ali Sadeghi, Ebrahim Ghazizadeh, Manouchehr Haghaniparast, Hossein Rafiee (Cinematographers), Eshagh Khanzadi, Mohsen Roshan, Sadegh Alami, Mohammad-Reza Delapak (Sound Recorders), Bahram Reypour (Editor), Heidargholi Khodabandelou, Ali Alami (Cinematography Assistants), Hossein Torabi recorded various events of the Islamic Revolution and the referendum for Islmaic Republic in 12 provinces of the country. This resulted in the acclaimed documentary "For Freedom", the documentary that premiered on September 1979, on the reopening of National Film Institute of Iran.
Later, "For Freedom" was selected by the historian and film critic Mark Cousins as one of 10 influential documentaries of all time (The Documentaries That Shook the World) and was screened in London in 2007, along with prominent documentaries such as The Triumph of the Will, Bowling for Columbine, Heshang: The River Elegy, Minamata: The Victims and Their World,  The Thin Blue Line, Death of a Nation, and Michael Buerk's BBC report on Ethiopia and The Sorrow and the Pity.
Introduction of the Special Section: Islamic Revolution's Documentaries
The special section of the 12th Iranian International Documentary Film Festival is dedicated to the selected documentaries about the Islamic Revolution. In this section, 11 documentaries and documentary series, directed both by pioneers of Iranian cinema and young filmmakers, are going to be screened.
The screening of the historical documentaries about the Islamic Revolutionary, especially the works of the country's greatest filmmakers, is an important part of reviewing the Islamic Revolution’s documentaries. The films include: For Freedom (Hossein Torabi), Search 1 (Amir Naderi), Newcomers (Kianoush Eyari), The Beating of History (Asghar Ferdoust, Davood Kanaani), Towards Freedom (Majid Jafari, Masoud Jafari Jozani), Those Days (Bijan Saliani, Jean Crilean), and I Left My Youth Back in Revolution Street (Manouchehr Moshiri).
Young Generation, Revolution, Cinema Verite
The new view of the Islamic Revolution special section of  Cinema Verite belongs to the documentaries  by young filmmakers made in 2000s and 2010s –  the Revolution viewed by filmmakers who, three decades after this event, has presented a different image of it to the audience. These documentaries are: The Shots That Vanished (Hamid Jafari), Black Clouds (Mehdi Shamommadi), Lost and Forgotten (Mohammad Reza Farzad).
Revolution in Six Narratives
In 2009 the movie producer, Pejman Lashkaripour, collaborated with six directors in making a documentary series called The Revolution in the Six Narratives for the Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) – documentaries that depict a different aspect of this event. These six narratives are: First Narrative: Apollo 58 (Hamed Khosravi), Second Narrative: 62 Days of Strike ( Mohammad Jafari), Third Narrative: Memories of the Revolution, Layla’s Lover (Farahnaz Sharifi), Fourth Narrative: The Dark Side of A Picture (Alireza Ghasemkhan), Fifth Narrative: The Interpretation of A Dream (Javad Mozababadi), Sixth Narrative: The Last Ring (Shahram Miraab Aqdam).

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