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Entezami: Cinema Verite is a Reference to the Search for Essence of the Truth

18 Dec 2018 - 12:50

In a message to the 12th Iraninan Documentary Film Festival, Cinema Verite, Deputy Minister of Culture and Guidance and the head of the Cinema Organization, stated, “Cinema Verite is a reference to the search for the essence of the truth and this is a distinctive aspect of the documentary cinema.” Hossein Entezami's full message is as follows:

It is now more than six decades that Iranian documentary cinema has played an effective role in the Iranian art and culture. The coincidence of 12th International Documentary Film Festival with the 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution of Iran reminds us of this valuable and unmatched presence. Celebrating the pioneers of Islamic Revolution cinema, reviewing their works, as well as holding the 9th Shahid Avini Award about Islamic Revolution, Resistance and Sacred Defense (8-Year Iran-Iraq War) are signs of the responsible look of documentary cinema.
Cinema Verite is a reference to the search for essence of the truth, and this is a distinctive aspect of the documentary cinema. The documentary filmmaker tries to find the elixir of truth in the realm of reality, and this is the perfect and ideal state of a documentary.
An innovative and artistic view to the reality is a bridge from media to art. What makes the Iranian documentary cinema praiseworthy today is its substantial documentaries and its effective and continuous presence in prestigious international arenas.
I thank all the artists and activists of the documentary cinema and wish them continuous success, health, and well-being.
Hossain Entezami
Deputy Minister & Head of Iran's Cinema Organization

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