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Life after Battling Cancer in Cinema Verite

A House For You is a documentary by Mehdi Bakhsi Moghaddam, produced by Mehdi Shamohammadi, that will be premiered in the national competition of 12th Iran International Documentary Film Festival, Cinema Verite.
Life after Battling Cancer in Cinema Verite
This 73 minute documentary is about Davoud, a 30-year-old from a village in Gilan, who in less than a year since his marriage is in a state of bankruptcy, and at the same time realizes that he has cancer. In this situation, he makes new decisions for his life...
The crew of A House for You are; Director: Mehdi Bakhshi Moghaddam, Researchers: Mehdi Shamohammadi and Mehdi Bakhshi Moghaddam, Cinematographer: Mohammad Hadadi, Sound Recorder: Hasan Shabankareh, Sound Mixer: Hossein Ebrahimi, Editor: Ata Mehrad, Composer: Afshin Azizi, Production Manager: Morteza Ebrahimi, Photographer: Ilia Shamohammadi, Producer: Mehdi Shamohammadi, Produced by Soureh Documentary Center
Mehdi Bakhshi Moghaddam has made documentaries such as Wooden Horse and 103 Days. Mahdi Shamohammadi, the producer, has won the Turquoise Award of best documentary from the 9th Iranian International Documentary Film Festival for The Season of Pruning in 2015. He participated in last year’s national contest of the festival by Haasoukhteh, directed by Leila Amini.
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