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22’, Greece, 2017
Director:  Dimitris Stamatis & Ioanna Neofytou 
Screenplay: Dimitris Stamatis & Ioanna Neofytou
Cinematography: Dimitris Stamatis & Ioanna Neofytou
Editor: Ioanna Neophytou
Producers: Dimitris Stamatis & Ioanna Neofytou
Distribution/sales: Ioanna Neophytou
In the Skaramanga’s Refugee Camp Greece, a group of refugee children from Afghanistan at the age of 10-13, paint their experience and memories from the war and their journey to Europe. They describe through their drawings their city as they remember it, the city that they 've found shelter in and the city that they wish to live in the future. 
Dimitris Stamatis 
The movie "Painting ..." is his first documentary film.

Ioanna Neophytou
The movie "Painting ..." is her first documentary film.
Festivals and Awards :
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival Audience Award for films under 50 minutes
Marmaris Film Festivali
Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival
Diversions International Short Film Festival
Story Code: 3582
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