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The Legend of the Ugly King

122 ’, Austria-Germany, 2017
The Legend of the Ugly King
Director: Hüseyin Tabak
Screenplay: Hüseyin Tabak
Cinematography: Lukas Gnaiger
Editor: Andrew Bird, Christoph Loidl
Producers: Mehmet Aktas
Distribution/sales: mîtosfilm
They called him The Ugly King! A myth, a hero, a film legend. Who was Yilmaz Güney? A highly talented director? A revolutionary? A murderer? A genius or a lunatic?

The Legend Of The Ugly King (2017)
Your Beauty Is Worth Nothing (2012)
A Horse on the Balcony (2012)
Kick‑Off (2010)
Cheeese... (2008)
Festivals and Awards :  
TIFF Toronto, Duhok IFF, Typical Turkisch Films LineUp Cologne;
awarded with GRANIT at the Int. Hofer Filmtage
20th TDF –Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival 
Hong Kong Film Festival
Story Code: 3579
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