Wednesday 28 November 2018 - 19:19

A Thousand Girls Like Me

76’, Afghanistan-France, 2018
A Thousand Girls Like Me
Director: Sahra Mani
Screenplay: Sahra Mani
Cinematography: Sahra Mani
Editor: Giles Gardner
Producers: Nicole Levigne, Sahra Mani, Giles Gardner, Khosraw Mani, & Martin Vidalenc 
Distribution/sales: First Hand Films
When Khatera, a 23-year-old Afghan woman, opposes the will of her family and the traditions of her country to seek justice for years of sexual abuse from her father, she sheds light on the faulty Afghan judicial system and the women it rarely protects. One woman’s obstinate battle to make her voice heard demonstrates the power of action over fear.
Beyond the Burka (2014) 
Kaloo School (2013)
Festivals and Awards :
Hot Docs Canadian International Film Festival
18th International Anti-Corruption Conference Copenhagen 
Sheffield Doc Fest
16th Tallgrass Film Festival, Doxx Award 
Festival International du Film de Femmes de Salé, Grand Prix / Documentary Competition 
Story Code: 3540
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