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10’, Tuekey, 2017
Director: Yavuz Üçer
Screenplay: Yavuz Üçer
Cinematography: Ozan Seza Gültekin
Editor: Ozan Seza Gültekin & Yavuz Üçer
Producer: Yavuz Üçer 
Distribution/sales: Nesli Özalp Tuncer  
Beşir and his family had to escape into Turkey after their village was bombed during the civil war in Syria. Before the war all Beşir wanted to become was a doctor, but now, after the war he cannot do anything but smile to the question of “what’s your dream?”. Their family under the pressure of the life in Turkey breaks up; they continue their lives in different cities. Beşir, every day goes through the trash and picks up paper.
Çizgi - Animation (2018)
Canlandıranlar Talent Camp Selection (2018)
White Skin (2017) 
Festivals and Awards :
Kayseri International Film Festival
Boğaziçi Film Festivalil
Kids Film Festival  
Spotlight Documentary Film Awards   
Story Code: 3522
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