Sunday 19 August 2018 - 14:31

Vatandoust: Iran Cinema Verite is able to be the Best Asian Documentary Festival

Mohammadreza Vatandoust counted IRAN International Documentary Film Festival, Cinema Verite, as the best and most important documentary festival in the region, saying with more precise programming it could be the best documentary festival in the Continent.
Vatandoust: Iran Cinema Verite is able to be the Best Asian Documentary Festival
This director who with his documentaries, "Nena" and "Lotus", has been awarded in the National Competition and the International section of this film festival in the past two years, has stated: “I think adding the Iranian Documentary Premier section and in the coming years, the Asian Documentaries Premier can help to improve Cinema Verite.”
He added: “the selection of fewer, high-quality documentaries in the National Contest and the presence of foreign filmmakers at the Festival is of great importance.”
About the workshops of the film festival, Vatandoust said: "Screening the important documentaries of the year and meeting with their directors is far better than conducting theoretical workshops. Experience has shown that these workshops have not had a significant impact on the knowledge of our filmmakers. The other main reason is the limited time of the workshops. Some few hours classes, one-day at the most, are not enough to improve the filmmakers’ knowledge.” He pointed out: "If workshops were planned for a time as long as whole days of the festival, they could be far more beneficial."
In its first international appearance, "Lotus" by Mohammadreza Vatandoust was featured and well received in the official section of the Sheffield Documentary Festival, England, one of the five most acclaimed documentary festivals around the world. It then also were screened in the competition section of the Cervino Cinemountain Festival, Italy.
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