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70’, Palestine, Qatar, Lebanon, UAE, Syria, 2015
Director: Salim Abu Jabal
Screenplay: Salim Abu Jabal
Cinematographer: Salim Abu Jabal
Editor: Salim Abu Jabal, Micheal Yousef Shafek
Producer: Salim Abu Jabal
Distribution/Sales: Salim Abu Jabal, boujabel.pro@gmail.com
An elderly Palestinian refugee couple in a final standoff with the israeli authorities to maintain their lifestyle in Roshmia; the last natural valley in Haifa. Yousef and his wife Amna,who originally descents from the Gypsies of Palestine, have lived in a shack all alone in their eighties since 1956 in what seems to be a life of serenity; far away from the loudness of modern life. Life remains peaceful in Roshmia until the israeli authorities endorse a new road project and order to confiscate their land, demolish the shack and throw them out.

This film is his first film.
Festivals and Awards:
IDFA: Int’l Doc Film Festival Amsterdam
DOXA Documentary Film Festival
Dubai International Film Festival (UAE) Special Jury Prize"
MedFilm Festival (Italy) "Best Documentary, Open Eyes Award"
Tetouan Int’l Med Cinema Festival (Morocco) "Grand Prize for Documentary"
Algeria Int’l Cinema Festival (Algeria) "Special Jury Prize" 
" Aljazeera Int’l Doc Film Festival (Qatar) "Aljazeera Doc Channel’s Award
Martinique International Film Festival (Martinique) "Best Documentary Feature Film"
International Independent Film Awards (Lithuania) "Best Film Editing"
Festival Film Dokumenter (Indonesia) "Best Feature Documentary"
Story Code: 2796
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