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On the Bridge of Death and Life

98’, Germany, 2016
On the Bridge of Death and Life
Director: Lola-Jia Liu
Screenplay: Lola-Jia Liu
Cinematographer: Lars Barthel, Kan Zhu
Editor: Johannes Hiroshi Nakajima
Producer: Wolfgang Bergmann for Lichtfilm GmbH
Distribution/Sales: Hendrik Neukäter, lola@filmemacherin-liu.de
Every year many thousands of people visit the mighty Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. Every year dozens of them have no intention of leaving the bridge alive. But there is one person determined not to see them plummet to their deaths: Chen Si. For some 13 years now he has sacrificed every free weekend to patrol back and forth across the bridge on his motorcycle. 
Today, having pulled more than 200 desperate souls back from the brink, Chen Si has become a national hero and saving lives his profession. 

"La hora fría"
"The mystery of the King of Kinema"
Festivals and Awards:
Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, GOLDEN FOX AWARD in the Best Debut Filmmaker Category
Sopot Film Festival,2017, Jury's Honorable Mention

Story Code: 2793
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