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88’ , Czech republic, 2016
Director: Miroslav Janek 
Screenplay: Miroslav Janek 
Cinematographer: Miroslav Janek
Editor: Tonička Janková
Producer: Jan Macola
 Distribution/Sales: Taskovski Films,submissions@taskovskifilms.com
Direct and thoughtful, Luka has a distinctive sense of humor; he loves movies and he writes his own screenplays. Piano virtuoso Denis is able to play demanding classical pieces; he is also incredibly intelligent and well-read. He adores The Little Prince so much that he keeps rereading it. Majda likes to rap and isn’t shy about it; her bold lyrics expose the surrounding world with disarming accuracy. Marjamka is able to tell long stories in English, while her tireless brother Ahmed is uncommonly friendly. Five remarkable children that society has consistently and unflatteringly labeled “autistic.” 
Film Spa (2015)
The Gospel According to Brabenec (2014)
Olga (2014)
Burning (2012)
The Confessions of Kateryna K. (2008)
Citizen Havel (2008)
Kha-chee-pae (2005)
Crimson Sails (2001)
Battle for Life (2000, codir. Roman Vávra and Vít Janeček)
Unseen (1996)
Festivals and Awards:
 Czech Film Critic’s Award for The Best Documentary; Czech Republic, 2017
The Czech Lion Awards  - The Best Documentary; Czech Republic, 2017
The Czech Competition Jury Award  - One World Prague, Czech Republic, 2017
Best Documentary at One World Romania, Romania, 2017
Special Jury Mention in the International Competition at CinéDOC-Tbilisi 2017
Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic, 2017
Award for the Best Czech Documentary Film 2016 - Czech Joy competition and Best Film Award by Students Jury, Jihlava IDFF 2016;
 DOK Leipzig, Germany, 2016
DocPoint, Finland, 2017
TRT Documentary Awards, Turkey, 2017
Krakow Film Festival, Poland, 2017
International Documentary Film Festival CRONOGRAF, Moldova, 2017
Documentarist Istanbul, Turkey, 2017
Story Code: 2792
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