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22 Nov 2017 - 23:05

96’, France, 2017

Director: Emmanuel Gras
Screenplay: Emmanuel Gras
Cinematographer:   Emmanuel Gras
Editor: Karen Benainous
Producer:  Nicolas Anthomé
Distribution/Sales: Film Du Losange, sales@filmsdulosange.f
In Congo, a young peasant dreams of a better future for his loved ones. His only wealth lies in the strength of his arms, the bushland around him and his strong will. Set out on dangerous and exhausting roads in order to trade the fruit of his work, he discovers the value of his effort and the price to pay for his dreams.
Bovines (2012)
 300 Souls (2015)
Makala (2017)

Festivals and Awards:
Cannes Film Festival,2017- Semaine de la Critique, Grand Prix 
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
New Horizons Film Festival
Toronto International Film Festival
London Film Festival
Busan International Film Festival
Tokyo International Film Festival
Vienna International Film Festival

Story Code: 2790

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